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Turkey Visa

Visa Details

Main documents:
  1. Visa Application Form duly filled (, submitted on the online system, printed and signed by the applicant. (CNIC number,father and mother names, complete residential and host (if applicable) addresses are must).
  2. Passport / travel document valid for at least 6 months as from the date of your arrival in Turkey
  3. Copies of the recent and old passports along the used pages concerning visa entry and exit stamps (If it is relevant and not empty pages!)
  4. Two (2) recent colored biometric photographs of the applicant with the size of 5x5 cm and white background
  5. Travel health insurance certificate covering the minimum of Euros 30.000, the period of stay in Turkey and the repatriation costs as well
  6. Polio vaccination certificate from the Government Hospitals or the authorized laboratories (The validity of the vaccination should cover the travel period and the vaccination's date should not be more than one year old)
  7. Copy of the flight reservation (Reservation only, not the ticket)
  8. Copy of the hotel reservation (Reservation only) or invitation letter (Individual invitation letter shoul be prepared by the public Notary).
  9. (The invitation letter shall include Turkish Identity Number, open identity, residential address and number of contact of the inviting person, list of the invitees, duration and purpose of the visit, relationship with the applicant (if there is any) and the tax number (if the invitaiton is made by the company). In addition, as incumbent on board and lodging, the inviting person must declare in the mentioned invitation letter that board and lodging expenses will be met by the invitees themselves)
  10. Employment letter stating the name, position, salary, profession or type of skill (if there is any) from the company (if there is any)
  11. Bank account maintenance certificate and original bank statements of the last three months [the current balance should cover all the expenses (air ticket + accommodation + food and beverages)] which are signed and stamped by the bank officer.
  12. Consent letter of the applicant for verification of documents
Conditional documents:
  1. Consent letter of the parents arranged by the Notary (if the applicant is under 18 years old)
  2. Bonafide letter (If the applicant is a student)
  3. Professional Qualification Certificate from the board of the professional organization / Skill Certificate from the related association (if there is any)
  4. Original family civil registration act (if the family travels together)
  5. E-Visa copy / copies (if the applicant accompanied by any person who has a valid Turkish E-Visa)
  6. Ex-Pakistan Leave Paper or NOC for Goverment Officers from their institutions (if it is relevant)
  1. Visa Validity: 6 Month

  2. Duration of Stay: (Subject to Immigration Approval)

  3. Processing Time: 15 Working Days

  4. Visa fee + Drop Box Charges: Rs. 7,850 (Per Person)

  5. ​Travel Agent Service Charges: Rs. 2,000 (Per Person)
Travel Insurance (Rates Per Person):
  • ​7 Days : Rs. 1,500/-
  • 10 Days: Rs. 2,000/-
  • 15 Days: Rs. 2,500/-
Note: All visas charges are non-refundable in case of Visa reject or Delay.


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